Forbes and Lomax Antique Bronze Lightswitch


Established in 1987, Forbes & Lomax has always approached the electrical accessory market from an aesthetic point of view.

The elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930s were no longer available and the modern equivalents were unsuitable for the prestigious projects that interior designers were working on at the time. It was with these problems in mind that Forbes & Lomax launched The Invisible Lightswitch®, a simple, transparent acrylic plate allowing the wallpaper or paint to show through, with a stylish metal toggle switch in the centre. These switches were able to combine an attractive design with all the advantages of modern technology.

Over the years Forbes & Lomax has added to the range, producing high quality switches, sockets and dimmers in a variety of finishes to suit the demands of both traditional and contemporary architects and interior designers.

With showrooms in London, New York and LA, Forbes & Lomax switches, dimmers and sockets are sold worldwide. The company retains its long-standing heritage as all plates are handcrafted and assembled at the Forbes & Lomax workshop, from where it all began, in Battersea.


At Forbes & Lomax we are committed to learning, adapting and improving when it comes to our impact on the environment.

Designed to stand the test of time, Forbes & Lomax switches and sockets are incredibly long lasting and durable. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. 

Whilst not wishing to alter the core design of our switches and sockets, we strive to be as sustainable as possible and make conscious choices regarding the materials we use.

All our packaging, from the water-based tape used to seal our boxes to the outer sleeves which protect our products during transit, is made from recycled materials.

Our Perspex plates for the Invisible Lightswitch® and dimmers are made from 100% recycled plastic. The Greencast® sheets of Perspex are created from the waste and scrap material of manufacturers and fabricators, which would ordinarily end up in landfill.

We are proud to retain our long-standing British heritage. All our manufacturing is in the UK. Our switches and sockets are assembled by hand at our workshop in Battersea. With a focus on locally sourced components, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our processes are under constant review to ensure they align with our environmental goals.