Dolly Switch in Invisible with Nickel
Dolly switch in Invisible with Stainless Steel
Single 13 amp Socket in Invisible
Invisible Lightswitch with Brass-Toggle-Switch
Invisible architrave
Invisible Lightswitch with Nickel Dolly Switches
Invisible Lightswitch with Brass Toggle
Audio Visual Invisible Finish
Invisible Rotary
Invisible socket with metal switches
Invisible with bronze
Invisible with Nickel Toggle
Invisible with Nickel Toggle
Invisible Socket

Invisible Lightswitch

Inspired by the glass switches of the 1930s but with all the advantages of modern technology, the Invisible Lightswitch® has become synonymous with Forbes & Lomax.

Switches and dimmers have 3mm bevelled transparent acrylic plates which are secured without the use of fixing screws. The plates sit flush to the wall and are supplied with brass, nickel silver, stainless steel or antique bronze toggle switches, dimmer knobs or buttons.

Each acrylic plate has a 0.5mm underplate which can be either painted or used as a template where wallpaper is used.

Rocker switches are also available in this finish with a 2mm plate.


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Supporting Documents

Invisible Range (PDF)